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Also not in the mood for cardboard sweet products? We neither!

All our recipes are harmoniously balanced to give you a pleasant and less sweet treat!

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At EVERYBUDDY we don't skimp on quality, we only use natural flavors and the highest quality ingredients!

But what we save on: unnecessary additives and dyes!


We support everyone on their way to a healthy & sporty lifestyle! What makes us unique? We have developed products that really only contain what is written on them! On top of that, quality, expert knowledge, health and sustainability are essential factors for us, which we combine in all EVERYBUDDY products. So you can be sure that no matter what your dietary preferences, you don't have to make any compromises! For an overview, we have summarized our quality standards here for you!


Our entire product portfolio is either vegetarian or even vegan. The vegan products are all marked with the V-Label, we are very proud of that!

The V-Label certifies that we do not use any traces, residues or ingredients of animal origin and gives you maximum transparency.

Our partner products are all vegan according to the recipe.


Our entire product portfolio is kosher-certified! All our products are not only produced under the highest quality standards, but our quality does not stop at our suppliers and the raw materials. So that you can be sure that we comply with all kosher standards, we have had our products certified.

Our partner products are currently not kosher certified, but we are constantly looking for new products!

Halal Siegel

Our entire product portfolio is also halal certified.

We not only claim, we also have ourselves certified to guarantee you the greatest possible transparency.

So you can be sure that all our products are produced according to halal standards. From raw materials to production.

Our partner products are not halal certified, but we are always looking for more products.

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