Food ingredients are substances that are added to EVERYBUDDY products for technological reasons. We only use additives that are really necessary, pay close attention to the origin and only use plant-based, natural and certified additives.

Inulin is a natural dietary fiber found in things like chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, and onions.

What is inulin good for? Inulin contributes to healthy digestion, weight management & calcium absorption and can be used to reduce fat.

We use the easily soluble inulin as the basis for our FLAVE.

amino acids

Amino acids are organic compounds that the body can only partially produce itself. However, since they are an important protein building block and are required for the development of the skin as well as for muscle synthesis and the immune system, the amino acids must be supplied through food.

sunflower lecithin

Lecithin is a natural chemical compound called phosphatidyl choline that our body produces itself. The highest concentrations of lecithin are found in the liver, brain, heart, lungs and muscles.

We also find lecithin in plants, for example in sunflowers. Lecithin can be a good and natural additive in food production.

In our PURELY Iso Whey we use vegetable lecithin to prevent lumps from forming.


Extracts can have a technological effect in food. Extracts can be made from plant materials such as beetroot, black carrot, spinach, various fruits and spices and have coloring or flavoring properties. For example, we use vanilla extract. This contains only aroma extracts, which are obtained from the vanilla bean.


Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down the disaccharide lactose (milk sugar). This creates the two monosaccharides D-glucose and D-galactose.

The aim is that the lactose can be absorbed from the intestine into the blood. In the case of milk sugar intolerance or lactose intolerance, the lactose reaches the large intestine unchanged due to a lack of enzyme and causes symptoms.

Natural Aroma

Flavors are identified in the ingredient list with the word "flavor" or a more specific designation or description, e.g. B. "Strawberry flavor" marked. The statement "natural" is optional, ie not mandatory. However, a flavor may only be advertised as natural if certain requirements are met, e.g. For example, a “natural strawberry flavor” must come from at least 95 percent strawberries. The remaining 5 percent must also be of natural origin and may only be used for standardization or to impart a fresher or sharper note.

malic and citric acid

Whether as an acidifier or a natural preservative, citric acid is indispensable in the production of food. The acid also ensures that the fruity taste comes into its own.

We use the acids to reduce the pH and make our Clear Whey clear.


Sucralose is about 600 times sweeter than sugar and is not metabolized in the body but excreted unchanged. It is calorie-free and can be used in tooth-friendly products.

We know that sucralose is not without controversy and therefore only use small amounts, which are far from the recommended maximum amounts.

We are always on the lookout for better alternatives and monitor research results very closely.