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Purely Iso Whey

Purely Iso Whey

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Aspartam free
Gluten free
Low sugar
Low fat
Low lactose
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ISO Whey - high quality protein powder

Our ISO Whey Protein is obtained from the milk of European cows and thus ensures optimal nutritional values ​​and a
high biological value. Each serving provides you with all the essential amino acids,
contains up to 25g protein, 13g EAAs and 6g branched chain amino acids and supports you
therefore ideal for your training program.

Protein isn't just for bodybuilders

The ISO Whey Protein is perfect for "Everybuddy" - for your training, for a protein-rich diet or as an ingredient in baked goods, coffee,
Porridge and smoothies. It helps you to achieve your daily macro goals more easily
achieve and meet your protein needs. You can use the whey after your
But you can also enjoy your workout at any other time of the day. For an optimal
We recommend a balanced diet: 50-65% carbohydrates,
20-30% fats and 15-20% proteins.

This is what makes our ISO Whey so special:

-high protein content: each serving contains almost 25g of protein

-rich in EAAs and BCAAs: 13g EAA and 6g BCAA per serving

-pleasant texture: there is no formation of lumps and we
guarantee optimal solubility

-Muscle Maintenance: Ideal for building and maintaining
Muscle mass, because protein stimulates the growth and maintenance of muscles

-high quality standards in German production combines food safety and sustainability

We would like to use our products for a
use climate-friendly processing and combine food safety with sustainability with our packaging. Safe food needs safe packaging. The round sleeves are made entirely of paper and can therefore be optimally recycled. The aluminum lid ensures a long freshness and shelf life and can be completely separated from the paper and disposed of separately.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Our team has developed a protein powder that optimally covers your protein needs and provides your muscles with the best possible care.
We chose to use the best, highest quality protein, isolate, and added lactase to make it too
To enable people with lactose intolerance to use our PURELY ISO WHEY. Due to the high-quality isolate, we have succeeded in
To develop protein powder that optimally supports you in maintaining and increasing muscle mass.

The complete production and development takes place on site in Germany, which gives us the greatest possible control over the raw materials used and the entire production process of the PURELY ISO WHEY. Many other manufacturers have their products manufactured by other producers and only take care of sales and marketing. However, we are very close to the product and this allows us to use the highest quality ingredients while creating great taste. So you can be sure that exactly what is included
declared on the label.

In order to develop the best and most flavorful protein powder for you, we make no compromises. After the recipe for the
perfect supply of protein was determined, we worked on the flavors for a long time and refined and tested them until we could
have achieved perfect taste. We tried many combinations until we found the perfect combination of sweetness and flavors and can now say: PURELY ISO WHEY is for every buddy. There is something for every taste type!

Our PURELY ISO WHEY protein powder, which can be integrated into everyday life, is ideal not only for muscle building but also as support during a diet. Numerous studies have shown that a higher protein intake can support weight control, contributes to lowering cholesterol levels and a reduction in triglycerides is possible. Proteins also ensure satiety, which can also help with weight loss.

Order your protein powder easily online:

-Choose your favorite flavor

-Pay with a variety of possible payment methods

-The protein powder will be with you within 4-5 days
at home

-Open the package, mix a shake from the powder and start your new lifestyle

If you have any questions about PURELY ISO WHEY, we will be happy to advise you.

Consumption recommendation

Mix 1 portion (30g powder I approx. 3 spoons) with 300 ml cold water or low-fat milk in a shaker.

Storage: Store dry, sealed, protected from light and heat.

Purely Schokolade
Nutrition per 100g per portion (30g)
Calorific value 1539 kJ (368 kcal) 450 kJ (110 kcal)
Fat 2,1 g 0,6 g
Saturated fatty acids 0,6 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 6,9 g 2,1 g
Of which sugar 0,8 g 0,2 g
Fiber 3,5 g 1,1 g
Protein 76 g 23 g
Salt 0,68 g 0,2 g
Isoleucine 5500 mg 1650 mg
Leucine 8700 mg 2610 mg
Valine 4800 mg 1440 mg
Histidine 1400 mg 420 mg
Methionine 1800 mg 540 mg
Lysine 7900 mg 2370 mg
Phenylalanine 2500 mg 750 mg
Threonine 5900 mg 1770 mg
Tryptophane 1300 mg 390 mg
Alanine 4200 mg 1260 mg
Arginine 1700 mg 510 mg
Aspartic acid 9200 mg 2760 mg
Cysteine 1900 mg 570 mg
Glutamic acid 15100 mg 4530 mg
Glycine 1300 mg 390 mg
Proline 4700 mg 1410 mg
Serine 3800 mg 1140 mg
Tyrosine 2400 mg 720 mg
Purely Erdbeer
Nutrition per 100g per portion (30g)
Calorific value 1570 kJ (375 kcal) 450 kJ (113 kcal)
Fat 1,4 g 0,4 g
Saturated fatty acids 0,8 g 0,2 g
Carbohydrates 1,4 g 0,4 g
Of which sugar 0,8 g 0,2 g
Fiber 0,5 g 0 g
Protein 87 g 26 g
Salt 0,73 g 0,22 g
Isoleucine 6300 mg 1890 mg
Leucine 10000 mg 3000 mg
Valine 5500 mg 1650 mg
Histidine 1700 mg 510 mg
Methionine 2100 mg 630 mg
Lysine 9100 mg 2730 mg
Phenylalanine 2900 mg 870 mg
Threonine 6800 mg 2040 mg
Tryptophane 1600 mg 480 mg
Alanine 4900 mg 1470 mg
Arginine 1900 mg 570 mg
Aspartic acid 10600 mg 3180 mg
Cysteine 2200 mg 660 mg
Glutamic acid 17500 mg 5250 mg
Glycine 1600 mg 480 mg
Proline 5500 mg 1650 mg
Serine 4400 mg 1320 mg
Tyrosine 2700 mg 810 mg
Purely Vanille
Nutrition per 100g per portion (30g)
Calorific value 1572 kJ (376 kcal) 450 kJ (113 kcal)
Fat 1,4 g 0,4 g
Saturated fatty acids 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 4,2 g 1,3 g
Of which sugar 1,0 g 0,3 g
Fiber 0,9 g 0,3 g
Protein 85 g 26 g
Salt 0,72 g 0,22 g
Isoleucine 6100 mg 1830 mg
Leucine 9700 mg 2910 mg
Valine 5400 mg 1620 mg
Histidine 1600 mg 480 mg
Methionine 2100 mg 630 mg
Lysine 8900 mg 2670 mg
Phenylalanine 2800 mg 840 mg
Threonine 6600 mg 1980 mg
Tryptophane 1500 mg 450 mg
Alanine 4700 mg 1410 mg
Arginine 1900 mg 570 mg
Aspartic acid 10300 mg 3090 mg
Cysteine 2200 mg 660 mg
Glutamic acid 17000 mg 5100 mg
Glycine 1500 mg 450 mg
Proline 5300 mg 1590 mg
Serine 4300 mg 1290 mg
Tyrosine 2600 mg 780 mg
Chocolate: Whey protein isolate (84%), cocoa, natural cocoa flavor, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural flavor, salt, sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glycosides from stevia) Bourbon vanilla: Whey Protein Isolate (94%), Bourbon Vanilla Extract, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Salt, Sweeteners (Sucralose, Steviol Glycosides from Stevia) Strawberry: Whey protein isolate (97%), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural flavor, acid (citric acid), salt, sweetener (sucralose, steviol glycosides from stevia)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Bestes Whey

Bisher das beste Whey das ich probiert habe, ich hab schon einige getestet und meistens waren sie mir viel zu süß oder haben sich nicht richtig aufgelöst. Dieses hier schmeckt wie es sein soll, leichte süße ohne den aufdringlichen Geschmack nach Süßstoff und löst sich vollständig auf.

Jenia Arnold
Best Porteinshake I have tried yet

Ich habe schon einige Proteinshakes probiert. Bei den meisten musste ich mir meine Nase zuheben beim trinken. Der Proteinshake von Everybuddy Nutrition ist der besten, den ich bis jetzt probiert habe. Erinnert mich auch an Ice Creme… Sehr empfehlenswert!!!!

Gutes Produkt

Ich finde Purely Iso Wey Erdbeere sehr gut im Geschmack. Lässt sich auch gut in Flüssigkeit auflösen. Werde es wieder bestellen, wenn Nachschub benötigt wird.