Power-Snacks vor dem Training: Hol das Beste aus dir heraus!

Power snacks before training: get the most out of yourself!

Do you know that feeling when you realize before training that your energy is at zero? Don't worry, we have the solution: the ultimate snacks to give you the boost you need for your workout. Here are some tasty ideas to take your performance to the next level!

1. Banana Power:

Simple but effective! Bananas are packed with natural carbohydrates that replenish your energy stores. The high potassium content also helps prevent cramps. Grab a banana and get ready to hit the ground running!

2. Oatmeal to-go:

Grab a handful of oatmeal and mix it with yogurt or milk. This combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins provides you with long-lasting energy. A small but mighty snack!

3. Almonds and Dried Fruits:

A handful of almonds combined with dried fruits is like a power pack for your training. The healthy fats and natural sugars give you a quick energy boost.

4. Whole Wheat Bread with Peanut Butter:

A classic that never disappoints! Whole grain bread provides complex carbohydrates, while peanut butter provides proteins and healthy fats. Together they are the dream team for your workout preparation.

5. Protein Shake:

A quick and efficient way to meet your protein needs. Mix your favorite protein shake, for example our Everybuddy Purely Iso Whey Strawberry , and provide your muscles with the building blocks they need for training.

6. Yoghurt bowl with berries, nuts and yoghurt:

Blend berries with yogurt for a refreshing and nutrient-dense smoothie. The antioxidants in the berries, the healthy fats from the nuts, and the protein in the yogurt make this combination the perfect pre-workout snack. Is the yogurt not sweet enough for you? Simply mix our Everybuddy Flave vanilla into the yogurt, enjoy real vanilla and reduce sugar and calories at the same time!


So, you sports enthusiast, if you want to get the maximum out before your workout, don't forget to fuel your body with the right snacks. Energy-packed bananas, crunchy almonds, a delicious smoothie and not forgetting the protein shake – the selection is huge. Try what works best for you and feel your performance go through the roof. You've got it!

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