Our product packaging

More than an ordinary can.

We want to use our products to promote climate-friendly processing and combine food safety with sustainability with our packaging. Safe food needs safe packaging. The round sleeves are made entirely of paper and can therefore be optimally recycled. The aluminum lid ensures a long freshness and shelf life and can be completely separated from the paper and disposed of separately.

70 - 80% recycled material

The majority of the material for our round sleeves comes from renewable resources. Our can consists of over 95% paper, of which at least 70-80% comes from recycled materials.

So simple, so sustainable!

  • lid and bottom

    The lid and the bottom can be disposed of in the plastic waste. We are part of the Green Dot, so the plastic is simply recycled. The integrated aluminum lid ensures long-lasting freshness and can also be easily disposed of with plastic waste.

  • round sleeve

    The round tube consists of over 95% paper and can therefore be disposed of with waste paper. The protective layer on the inside is separated from the paper in a standardized process when the waste paper is processed.


Up to 12 million tons of plastic end up in the environment every year. A no-go for us!

As a food producer, the search for the right packaging is not that easy due to the many requirements and standards that have been set. With our round tubes made of paper, we have found the most sustainable way to pack your Purely, Flave or BCAA.

Unfortunately, the paper solution is not common in the fitness industry, because the focus here is on saving costs, which means that the cans are usually made of plastic. But that was not a solution for us and does not correspond to our values!

That's why we rely on paper, for you and for the environment!

  • Security

    Food safety is our top priority! That is why we are also FSSC certified to guarantee you maximum security. So you can also be sure about the cans: your supplements are safely packed! Our cans have a protective coating on the inside to keep your product fresh and flavorful.

  • durability

    So that you can keep your EVERYBUDDY products for a long time and you can easily stock up on the cans, we have combined durability and sustainability through our packaging. This way you can easily decide for yourself when you need a shake without having to worry about the shelf life.

  • sustainability

    The largest proportion of our round tubes is paper, which can be easily disposed of with waste paper and thus goes back into the cycle! We can no longer imagine life without sustainable packaging solutions and we are always looking for the best solution on the market.