Was sind eigentlich Aromen?

What are flavors?

The word "aroma" comes from the Greek and originally means "spice". Food has been flavored for ages.

Flavors can be present in food for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, flavors occur naturally in foods, e.g. B. in herbs. However, they can also only form during the preparation of food, for example when frying or roasting. On the other hand, aromas are deliberately added during the production of food in order to compensate for aroma losses during production, storage and preparation or to give a food a special taste. Today's variety of foods would be unthinkable without aromas.

Labeling of Flavors
The Food Information Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 regulates how aromas are to be designated in the list of ingredients. Flavors are identified in the ingredient list with the word "flavor" or a more specific designation or description, e.g. B. "Strawberry flavor" marked. The statement "natural" is optional, ie not mandatory.
However, a flavor may only be advertised as natural if certain requirements are met, e.g. For example, a “natural strawberry flavor” must come from at least 95 percent strawberries. The remaining 5 percent must also be of natural origin and may only be used for standardization or to impart a fresher or sharper note.
The simple designation "strawberry aroma" (without the reference "natural"), on the other hand, is to be understood as an indication of taste, not as an indication of the raw materials used, ie the aroma tastes like strawberries, but does not have to come from strawberries.
health effects
Flavors are only used in very small amounts due to their intensity. There are no known adverse health effects from the consumption of flavored foods. Allergic reactions caused by individual flavorings are also not described. Known food allergies (e.g. to soybeans, celery, nuts) are usually triggered by the protein in the food.
Flavors at "Everybuddy"
For us, the safety and quality of the ingredients in our products is very important. So we only use the highest quality flavors on the market.
Our flavors are all natural flavors and we are particularly proud of our vanilla.
The real vanilla taste has nothing to do with the usual vanilla. For the vanilla taste that we all know, only part of the vanilla is extracted, namely the "vanillin" and in the end that has little to do with vanilla.
We use a bourbon vanilla extract, an aroma extract, in our Flave and Purely Iso Whey . Flavor extracts are complex flavor mixtures. They are obtained, for example, from aromatic herbs, spices or other foods. As a result, we have the full and real vanilla taste and do not provide you with any unnecessary additives and try to stay as natural as possible.
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