Protein Fasten - Sinnvoll oder nicht?

Protein fasting - useful or not?

What is protein fasting or modified protein fasting?

Protein-modified fasting is a method of weight loss that uses two meals in the form of protein shakes or, in nutritional therapy, formula diets.

In contrast to conventional fasting or therapeutic fasting, protein-modified fasting prevents the breakdown of valuable muscle mass and thus the yo-yo effect. With this method, you also consume small amounts of carbohydrates as a source of energy for the brain, as well as minerals and vitamins. The effectiveness of protein fasting has been proven in numerous studies. Since a sufficient minimum supply is guaranteed in this way, personal well-being and performance are significantly better than with a complete zero diet. Nevertheless, the corresponding protein products are not a substitute for a long-term change in diet or increased exercise. The Society for Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics recommends protein-modified fasting as part of obesity therapy.

So much for explanation and scientific assessment.

How does protein modified fasting work

As with many fasting methods, solid food is avoided. The fasting relies on water, unsweetened tea with honey and fruit and vegetable juices. Overall, drinks should not exceed 200 to 300 calories a day.

In addition, protein preparations, i.e. protein shakes, are drunk to replace meals. Here you could use our PURELY Iso Whey . In addition, people drink a lot, up to three liters of water or unsweetened tea per day. It is also recommended to empty the bowels with Glauber's salt or enemas.


  • Rapid loss of body weight, very good as a motivator
  • No protein degradation as with other fasting cures
  • Easy to implement

Disadvantages :

  • Danger of the yo-yo effect if you don't eat more consciously afterwards
  • Side effects such as gastrointestinal complaints, dizziness, tiredness, acidosis of the blood and body (acidosis), freezing, hair loss, gout attacks, etc.
  • Protein products can be expensive

Conclusion: How useful is protein fasting ?

This method can be understood as a starter for a change in diet and can help with rapid weight loss. However, protein fasting is not suitable for long-term weight loss or disease recovery.

Our recommendation: If you plan to change your diet, then protein fasting will make it easier for you to start. But as with all diets, it is important to keep your new eating pattern and try to change your diet in the long term.

We at EVERYBUDDY have developed our products to make it easier for you to lead a healthier life and we are here to help you. So you can use our PURELY Iso Whey Shakes during protein fasting and to support your change in diet after fasting, for example use our FLAVE to save sugar and calories.

But what is important to us: you can live a healthy diet without supplements.

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