Muskelaufbau - Kondition

Muscle building - condition

Endurance training and muscle building are always discussed controversially. We have taken on the topic to give you an overview and to show that both together are the key to success.

Does endurance training inhibit muscle growth?

Endurance and strength training can have a negative impact. But only if they are combined disproportionately and not in accordance with the actual training goal. A bodybuilder who wants to build muscle shouldn't spend half his time doing cardio, and a marathon runner won't improve his running performance by lifting weights in the gym every day.

Very important and at the same time the greatest challenge is the right balance. Recovery phases are very important after training stimuli, in order to develop further in endurance training and muscle building and to prevent injuries or fatigue.

Does cardio training lead to muscle breakdown?

If the body is sufficiently supplied with proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids and your muscles are given the necessary regeneration time, endurance training does not lead to muscle breakdown. On the contrary: Regular endurance units can even have a positive effect on your muscle building training! Why is that?

-Your cardiovascular system can work better and more economically, which leads to capillarization of the muscles and better blood flow to the muscles

-Oxygen and nutrients are available to the organism more quickly and metabolic products can be transported away more quickly

-so you are ready for a higher resilience during training and faster regeneration - this allows you to train more intensively

-Endurance training helps to reduce body fat percentage

A study by Swedish researchers (2013, Tommy R. Lundberg) examined the combination of endurance training and muscle building and confirmed that cardio training can have a positive impact on muscle growth. In fact, combined training is thought to lead to greater growth than strength training alone. A 2016 study (Zuzanna Kazior) supports these findings. If you stay on the scientific level, there are still studies that have also been able to determine an inhibition of muscle growth through combined training. Here, however, it is important to take a closer look at the implementation and evaluation of the study results.

After extensive research and evaluation, cardio training should be an integral part of muscle building training. Short, intensive units are useful to optimally build up your muscle mass and burn fat more efficiently. Concerns about losing muscle mass through endurance sessions are unfounded. The positive effects on muscle building through regular cardio training are scientifically proven.

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