Iso vs. Konzentrat

Iso vs. concentrate

Whey Concentrate - Creamy, delicious and super versatile

In production, it is usually obtained from whey, which is a by-product of cheese production, by means of cold-gentle ultrafiltration. The gentle production at low temperature ensures that all natural protein fractions are preserved - in other words: the protein is not denatured. The whey concentrate obtained by means of various filtration processes achieves a protein content of 70-80%. The carbohydrates are still at a share of 7-8% and the fats at 3-5%. After the several filtration passes, the whey concentrate contains an impressive amount of protein, but also some carbohydrates in the form of lactose, which means that it is less digestible for lactose-intolerant people than an isolate, in which the protein part - as the name suggests - is isolated.

It is suitable for competitive athletes and ambitious fitness athletes due to the high content of bioactive protein fractions. Due to the easy solubility and the creamy consistency, it doesn't always have to be just the shake with water - it can also be used in porridge or for baking, for example. There are no limits to creativity here.

Whey isolate - Refreshingly light and full of power

In order to obtain an isolate from the whey concentrate, further production steps are required in which the protein is almost completely isolated. The production of whey isolate takes significantly more time and requires special microfiltration. Due to the targeted isolation of the protein, the isolate has a particularly high purity. The end product contains an average protein content of around 90-95%, which means that both the fat and lactose content is negligible. Whey isolates are also suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Isolates like our "Pureley Iso Whey" are particularly rich in essential amino acids. Due to the optimal nutritional values, the products not only support weight management, but are also perfect as a companion for muscle building during the diet phase.

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